Breastfeeding/Latching Issues 

Breastfeeding and LatchingThe birthing process can put stress on the head and spine and your baby may have biomechanical injuries that are affecting the ability to breastfeed. Misalignments found in the upper neck, jaw, and skull can be easily assessed by examining the range of motion in the neck.

There are many benefits to breastfeeding our babies, however, it’s not always easy!

If your infant has difficulties in breastfeeding it will be indicated by:

  • Problems with latching, including nipple pain
  • Babies who have difficulty coordinating their suck-swallow-breathe – tend to be very slow feeders and don’t gain well
  • Fussiness in certain breastfeeding feeding positions
  • Frequent feedings and appearing always hungry
  • Problems feeding from a bottle as well as at the breast
  • The baby is just fussy or colicky and seems uncomfortable most of the time


Infant Chiropractic addresses the underlying biomechanical causes to reduce the tension in the neck, back and jaw, which allows the baby to latch more effectively and efficiently so you and your baby can continue enjoying the benefits of breastfeeding.


Chiropractic management of breast-feeding difficulties

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