Sleep Wellness Coaching

I am proud to be partnered with Dr. Sheryl Guloy, PhD, Co-Founder of Somnolence+™.

Dr. Sheryl Guloy, PhD (Co-Founder) is a learning scientist, researcher, educator, and consultant in improving learning and performance through innovative research, development, and technology. She works with other researchers, organizations, and networks on knowledge translation efforts.

Somnolence + Inc. brings together professionals and experts from diverse fields to develop programs, applications, and services designed to support your sleep wellness needs, whether that be as a community organization; an educational institution; or an individual seeking to learn more about how to manage sleep.

Learn more about Somnolence+™ HERE

Massage Therapy

Desiree Raquepo

Desiree Raquepo is a graduate of Kiné-Concept with over 5 years of experience. Her technique is a combination of lomi-lomi massage and Kinesitherapy integrated manoeuvers. Other certifications include: pregnancy & post-partum, fasciatherapy, sports massage, chair massage, hot stone, & reflexology.

You can read more about Desiree HERE.

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