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Even from the first thought of becoming a parent, there are many emotional and physical obstacles that can be lessened with chiropractic care.

As new birth parents, we want to do so much for our children to ensure a healthy and happy life. Often parents are juggling the responsibilities of providing for immediate needs and thinking of the future for their children and themselves. It can be very easy for parents to forget about their own health but in order to care for their family, everyone needs to be healthy.

Parents who have grown-up children may worry about their eating habits, school, and daily activities. This can cause stress, and that has a direct impact on the physical health of the body. You may begin to experience pain in your lower back and joints and not understand why.

Chiropractic care is a safe, natural, and effective way for parents to get and stay healthy. A chiropractor’s goal is to obtain/maintain the optimum health of the person without any sort of drugs or medical surgeries.

Some chiropractic-related ailments we treat

Pain Relief – Chiropractors treat target areas to help provide relief from pain. They can suggest exercises that can easily be done at home so the pain doesn’t reoccur.

Stress – Stress is something that can affect parents physically and mentally. Chiropractors can help the body relax with hands-on techniques like adjustments. Additionally, there are known therapeutic benefits to receiving physical touch. Chiropractic care is also a time when parents can focus on their own well-being and not have to worry about anything else for that short time.

Improve Sleeping Patterns – Parents of new babies might have to spend sleepless nights in order to handle their crying babies. Sleep deprivation related to caring for infants or young children can have widespread effects on your health. Through gentle effective adjustments, chiropractors can help to alleviate physical stress from late nights and early mornings, and may even improve sleep quality from infancy to all life stages.

Being a parent is never easy. When it comes to maintaining the health of parents, it is always a good idea to get regular chiropractic care. Regular appointments help parents feel less tired…and resolve joint and muscle pain, allowing them to be fully present with their family. 


Dr Natasha Hayden is a pediatric and prenatal chiropractor that is passionate about helping her community discover just how good their bodies are designed to feel, so they can do more of what they love.  

Your health goals are within reach with the support of our team.

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