Looking to Relax? Try Exercise.

Looking to relax? Try exercise.

Looking to Relax? Try Exercise. Bottom Line: If you are stressed out or looking for a little rest and relaxation, exercise may be just what you need. Aerobic exercise is good for your mind and body. It has the unique ability to counter depression, decrease stress, and provide a combination of exhilaration and calm. Why […]

Portable tools to manage stress (and protect your immune system!)

We could not have predicted that we would close the clinic to all but the most urgent cases in March 2020. Before the clinic closed, we could already begin to see the impact of stress on the physical and mental wellness of our practice members. Our response was to create a series of portable self-care […]

Whole30 Challenge

  Ah! It feels like spring in Montreal; and although I suspect it’s another ‘false’ one, it got me thinking about getting my bike – and my body – ready for that first spring ride. Winter can be a challenging time to adhere to healthy eating and exercise habits. Exercise and nutrition – along with […]