Massage Therapy for Productivity

Focus on What Matters Most Guest post by Desiree Raquepo, Massage Therapist.  Since I started working my first job, I told myself: “I need to make the most of my youth”. And I did that by working as much as I possibly could. Although, my body could only take so much physical stress before it […]

Massage Therapy – reduce stress & boost your mood!

Guest post by Anne Marie Awai, Registered Massage Therapist Coping as a working mom If you’re like me there are not enough hours in a day to be productive at work, give attention to your children and hubby, and most importantly, yourself. But I have come to realize that ‘You’ ‘yourself’ actually is the most […]

Benefits of Cupping

We asked one of our massage therapists, Anna Marie Awai, the benefits of receiving cupping during massage.   Pain reduction Cupping, particularly moving cupping, has similar effects to a massage and is therefore beneficial in relieving tension, improving circulation and releasing stress. One investigation found that it was more effective at reducing pain intensity than regular care. Relieves muscle […]