Welcome your little one to the world feeling ready…

Rock the Cradle prenatal classes

Welcome your little one to the world feeling ready, knowledgeable, and confident. Meet Sylvia Otvos Her mission: prepare first-time parents for their baby’s arrival so they have the most positive birth and parenting experiences possible. Sylvia is a professional childbirth educator, a mom of three, and the founder of a thriving birth and parenting agency that has supported over […]

How Chiropractic Care can help in Pregnancy and Postpartum

Prenatal Chiropractic Services

Seeing Your Chiropractor When Pregnant Did you know that a chiropractor specializing in prenatal chiropractic can help you with many pregnancy and postpartum symptoms? So, if you are suffering from sciatica, lower back pain, upper back pain, sore shoulders from breastfeeding, think of calling your chiro! In today’s Doula Dialogues, Sylvia speaks with Montreal Chiropractor, […]

What to Do for Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy

Back Pain during Pregnancy

Due to a growing belly and hormonal changes during pregnancy, more than 60 percent of pregnant women experience lower back pain. Chiropractic care for lower back pain during pregnancy can be very gentle. It is important to consult with a chiropractor that specializes in pregnancy to understand the exact nature of YOUR back pain and […]

Your Partner in Health

Chiropractic Treatment

Dr Natasha Hayden is a chiropractor based in Montreal, Quebec, that is passionate about providing natural solutions to families looking to stay active, and has an interest in the Webster Technique. Welcome to Hayden Chiropractic! We are so glad that you’re here. At Hayden Chiropractic, we know how easy it is to forget how good […]

Chiropractic, torticollis, & breastfeeding – what’s the link?

 We are so excited to be launching our new educational series, a collaborative effort with Rosa Zamudio of lactation Maman Cigogne. Follow us on facebook to be notified of upcoming events, where we will go live to discuss a range of topics in pregnancy, postpartum, infancy, and early childhood. Our goal is to increase […]

Webster Technique

Webster Technique for Pregnancy

Chiropractic Care for Pregnancy What is the Webster Technique? The Webster technique is a specific chiropractic analysis and adjustment, the goal of which is to address the pelvic imbalance. In pregnancy, pelvic imbalance adversely affects uterine nerve function, the structure of the pelvis, and may hinder a baby’s ability to gain optimal positioning. Chiropractic is […]