Bottom Line:

Headaches are experienced a little bit differently by everyone. You may feel tired, have blurred vision, have a stiff neck, or feel as if you’re unable to function for the day. But they do all have one thing in common – they are not “normal” to deal with frequently.

Why it Matters:

There are many different types of headaches and knowing which one you have is the first step towards finding relief. Here are a few of the most common headache types:

Migraine: Migraines come in all shapes and sizes. Typically, you’ll feel a throbbing on one side of your head. This type of headache can be incredibly painful and can last up to 3 days. You may feel nauseous, have difficulty speaking, or even be sensitive to light, sound, or smell.

Tension Headache: Tension headaches are very common and may affect up to 20% of the population. They usually consist of a constant dull pain that is felt on both sides of the head. Stress, anxiety, or depression are a few of the triggers for a tension headache. You could also get them from dehydration, loud noises, lack of sleep, or even by not getting enough exercise. In short, living a healthy lifestyle is a great way to get rid of tension headaches.

Cluster Headache: Cluster headaches are usually experienced more by men than by women. You will generally feel an intense burning or even a piercing feeling behind or around one of your eyes. These types of headaches usually come when you least expect them and can last anywhere between 15 minutes to three hours.

Next Steps: If you’re having trouble with migraine, tension, or cluster headaches, make sure to consult with our healthcare team. Did you know research has shown and continues to show that Chiropractic care can reduce the intensity, severity, and frequency of many common headaches… all without the need for medications. Think about that the next time you find yourself dealing with one too many headache episodes. We’re here to help!

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