This is a common question we are asked when a new patient calls in for an appointment.

If you’ve called other chiropractic offices, you may have been told x-rays would be required in the first visit. This is not an uncommon practice among chiropractors, to include x-rays in the initial evaluation and to guide treatment; however, it is not considered to be standard procedure in the profession, but rather, supplemental.

In our clinic, however, x-rays are not routine for an initial evaluation.

Your first visit will begin with a thorough evaluation. If during either the history or physical examination, evidence comes to light that would indicate possible bone disease or pathology that may contraindicate manual adjusting methods, medical imaging (such as x-ray or MRI) will be required.

In most cases, an x-ray will be unnecessary, and you will receive treatment during your first visit. If you have had recent imaging done, it may or may not affect treatment, and we may request a copy for our records.


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