Benefits of Chiropractic Care with Chronic Ear Infections in Children

Toddler with an ear ache

Ear Infections are fairly common in children, and it is not easy as parents to see them suffering in pain. Young children’s eustachian tubes or auditory tubes are smaller and often make it difficult for fluid to drain out of the ear, and the buildup in the eardrum can lead to infections. Since a child’s […]

What is Psoas Syndrome and how is it Treated?

Lower back pain could be Psoas Syndrome

Psoas syndrome is a medical condition that involves pain and discomfort in the psoas muscle. When the psoas muscle becomes irritated, tight, and inflamed, it can cause pain in the hip, thigh, and lower back. The psoas muscle connects the lower spine to the thigh bone and involves many hip and lower back movements. The […]

The Biopsychosocial Model of Pain

feeling pain

Pain and the intensity of pain, as in chronic pain, can have a negative impact on how we function both personally and socially. It can cause frustration and lack of focus and lead to mental exhaustion, depression, and sleep disorders.  Understanding the how’s and why’s of your pain is essential in receiving the best treatment. […]

Good Posture is a Good Habit

Good Posture Good Habit

Good posture, often called a neutral spine, can help you avoid back pain or injury. It’s good for your health and self-confidence and also delivers increased energy, better breathing, improved circulation, and less wear and tear on your joints. If you have been experiencing back and shoulder pain or you just want to fix your […]

Chiropractic Care and Sports Performance

Chiropractic Care and Sports Performance

There’s a secret behind the success of many professional athletes. Almost all the world’s top athletes rely on Chiropractic Care to stay at the top of their game. Through a unique combination of recovery, injury prevention, and performance, chiropractors can help athletes of all fitness levels perform their best. No matter how naturally powerful or […]

Getting Older Doesn’t Mean Slowing Down

maintain a high quality of life as you get older

Getting Older Doesn’t Mean Slowing Down Bottom Line: Staying healthy as you age isn’t just about adding more years to your life. It’s also about adding more life to your years! Participating in daily physical activity and exercise can help ensure that you maintain a high quality of life as you get older, as well […]

Move Your Body for Health

Moving your body towards improved health

  Moving Your Body Towards Improved Health Bottom Line: Being healthy doesn’t mean that you need to spend 20 hours each week in the gym. Even little things like standing at work can make a big improvement in your overall health. On the other hand, a sedentary lifestyle is a significant factor in many chronic […]

Chiropractic, torticollis, & breastfeeding – what’s the link?

 We are so excited to be launching our new educational series, a collaborative effort with Rosa Zamudio of lactation Maman Cigogne. Follow us on facebook to be notified of upcoming events, where we will go live to discuss a range of topics in pregnancy, postpartum, infancy, and early childhood. Our goal is to increase […]

Can Surgery Fix Your Back Problem?

Bottom Line: Over 90% of us will experience back pain during their life. Thankfully, less than 5% will need surgery. So why are so many operations being performed? And does surgery fix a back problem? You may be surprised to learn that an enormous number of back surgeries don’t give patients long-term relief. Jumping over […]

Why Isn’t My Shoulder Moving!?

Bottom Line: Pain in and around the shoulder is very common after a car accident or work injury. The shoulder is considered an unstable joint which means that it has a tremendous range of motion but not much stability. The combination of fantastic mobility and limited stability make it extremely susceptible to injuries as a […]