Is your Smartphone giving you a ‘Tech Neck’?

Smartphones and Tech Neck

Most people that are on their smartphones are looking down with their head bent forward. This has created a new syndrome called Tech Neck! On average, a person will spend several hours on their phone. For our Canadian teenagers, this number is even higher.  Resource: Text Neck Syndrome in Children and Adolescents 82% of Canadian […]

What Type of Headache Do You Have?

Bottom Line: Headaches are experienced a little bit differently by everyone. You may feel tired, have blurred vision, have a stiff neck, or feel as if you’re unable to function for the day. But they do all have one thing in common – they are not “normal” to deal with frequently. Why it Matters: There […]

What Happens to My Body During a Car Accident?

What happens to my body after a car accident?

Bottom Line: Your body wasn’t designed to deal with the forces that occur in a car accident. Even though modern cars have an array of safety features, the damage from an accident can range from small aches to life-changing injuries. The force that both your vehicle and body absorb while driving along the road is […]

Chiropractic For Management of Chronic Headache

Chronic Headache Management

Headaches can be severe and debilitating. Chiropractors are rigorously trained in the evaluation and treatment of chronic headaches and can work with you to reduce the frequency, intensity, and duration of headaches, improving your quality of life and returning you to work and play. Your chiropractor will work with you to target and reduce headache […]