Your initial visit with Dr. Natasha Hayden

Inital visit with Dr. Natasha

It is good to know what to expect when you book an appointment for chiropractic care with Dr. Natasha. We look forward to seeing the whole family soon. Natasha focuses on pediatric and prenatal care; however, treatments for various conditions are available for all individuals from birth and beyond. Your initial visit will include an […]

IASTM Technique and Chiropractic Care

IASTM Technique

Also known as Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization, is a technique used to break up scar tissue resulting from injury or surgery and promote healing.  Treatment may include traditional chiropractic manipulation (an adjustment), instrument-assisted adjusting (Activator), stretching, muscle work, or other techniques.  IASTM uses a hand-held tool to diagnose and treat soft tissue dysfunction. It originates […]